Welcome to the misc. section! Here we thrown (carefully!) all those enenuru items which don't precisely fit elsewhere: so informations on ancient city seals, the secrets and revelations about some of the graphics used on this page, and favorite facebook groups for example. Despite not fitting with the scheme of other sections, we expect information here will be as interesting or more, and in some instances pieces in this section may be moved to other areas as the site develops


We have here applied our note taking prowess against the ambiguous nature of these ruler types
The Archaic city seals come from as early as the Uruk III period, and offer unique advantages to our understanding of the development of Sumerian religion, writing, and politics. We exam available scholarship on the seals in this section.
This is a list of those communities which are active and academically inclined in the ANE online world: check them out and help these communities grow! Link suggestions appreciated
Enenuru Secrets
The following is Sheshki's e-dub-ba section in which his processes of clay refinement, of tablet making and inscribing are visited.
In the Archaic Sumerian Standards section, an effort is made to define the form, context and function of these compelling cultural emblems.
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