Online ANE communities

In this section at, we offer links to some of the most interesting and active communities on the net. This is an effort to increase networking and communication among enthusiasts, students and experts, although our choices below are based on simple criteria: we have linked just those sites which are academically orientated and which aren't completely and entirely defunct and inactive. Because most online ANE communities are entirely inactive, the section will perhaps remain perhaps modest..

General discussion boards:

Of this type of board which actively discusses Sumer and or Mesopotamia I can only mention two currently. And the livejournal doesnt really fit here. Please contact us if you know addition boards to list! (for rules and joining see our "board" link at left menu.)

Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are not as sparse on the subject, although do not expect discussion at any of the below boards. A good strategy is perhaps to contact those you know or might like to know privately is you divine similar interests and aptitude.

- I enjoy the academic discussion of Sumerian subjects (I know I'm weird) - approx 70 members

- Assyriology: approx. 12 members

- Sumerology: Approx 37 members

Society for sexy Assyiologists: Approx. 155 members

Internationals Association for Assyriologists (IAA) approx 105 members

Akkad, Sumer and Assyriology: approx. 56 members

Babylon Rising: approx 5 members

The Enheduanna Fan Group


Cuneiform Languages


This is the German facebook, modeled much in the line of facebook but with some difference - it is even more centered on Students (StudiVZ is short for Studiverzeichnis which translates 'Student lists'). Student groups are strong here, and most often you can view anyone profile and see their interests: helpful if you intend to introduce yourself. The following groups are interesting here:

DINGIR DINGIR - 13 members

Freunde der akkadischen und sumerischen Sprache - 79 members

AltOrientalistik - 141 members

Mesopotamien - 55 members


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