Sheshki´s E-dub-ba Section

Us4-he2-gal2's introduction

The following is Sheshki's e-dub-ba section in which his processes of clay refinement, of tablet making and inscribing are visited. As readers note from our "sign list" and "fun with clay section" (located in the gallery area), Sheshki is a dedicated enthusiast with a great talent for the Mesopotamian writing system, and for it's creative application. We have with these tablets perhaps the finest independentely produced cuneiform tablets anywhere, and these efforts have continued to surprise and inspire the enenuru community: In appreciation of the zeal which inspired my own cuneiform learning, I quote below the words of a scribe as he recounts the virtues of his instructor (see ETCSL t.5.1.3).

9-15. "I just did whatever he outlined for me -- everything was always in its place. Only a fool would have deviated from his instructions. He guided my hand on the clay and kept me on the right path. He made me eloquent with words and gave me advice. He focused my eyes on the rules which guide a man with a task: zeal is proper for a task, time-wasting is taboo; anyone who wastes time on his task is neglecting his task."

16-20. "He did not vaunt his knowledge: his words were modest. If he had vaunted his knowledge, people would have frowned. Do not waste time, do not rest at night -- get on with that work! Do not reject the pleasurable company of a mentor or his assistant: once you have come into contact with such great brains, you will make your own words more worthy."

21-26. "And another thing: you will never return to your blinkered vision; that would be greatly to demean due deference, the decency of mankind. Worthy plants calm the heart, and sins are absolved. An empty-handed man's gifts are respected as such. Even a poor man clutches a kid to his chest as he kneels. You should defer to the powers that be and …… -- that will calm you."

27-28. "There, I have recited to you what my teacher revealed, and you will not neglect it. You should pay attention -- taking it to heart will be to your benefit!"


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