- a) New members must sign the introduction thread *minimal* - this stipulation is in response to the many newcomers over the past year who have joined and then never post. As much we love new people, this rule states in effect this: don't join if your not going to post, this is the enenuru discussion board, not the enenuru mailing list!

- b) No personal attacks - this stipulation is almost unnecessary as the board has hardly ever witnessed something that could be interpreted as hostile. That said, the rule that has been generally unspoken is simply that no one should be personally attacked, or insulted, with anything is unnecessarily crude or derogatory.


- The enenuru board, as a general principle, respects knowledge
- but more fundamentally, it values and befriends ambition: Ambition
is the unspoken essential behind all acts of self-construction,
creative endeavor and production. While respect to one with
knowledge is often owed, those with true learning ambition
must also be valued.

- Be community orientated: I don't mean to say here you have
to join hands and sing kum-bye-ya, but be community orientated.
This means is someone writes your an email, return it; if someone
impresses you with a post or replies to a post your worked on, follow
up with a thought out response. If someone sparks your interest but didnt
write to you in any format - write to them! This is a little dark space,
and if anyone hasn't noticed, the natural state of any online ANE discussion
group is a what they term a "graveyard" - that means a useless
craphole where no one does anything. It's only the type of creative dynamic
and mutual interest that I refer to here that keeps enenuru from
expiring like everyone online ANE community - so mail/msg someone today!


The boards alignment with and dedication to Academic
findings, and the general ambition of enenuru to engage
these materials (primary or secondary) is indicated at the
"From Fingers to Forks" thread (See 'Sumerologistics section.)
While this alignment is a given with any persons in the field
who join, members of the lay public may find assistance
"sophisticating" their personal studies here, or assisting
others in the same pursuit.


- Believe you can know and do anything

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