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The "fun with clay" section contains those clay creation's of the co-builder of this site, Sheshki. Our site co-builder is a very hands on learner who through a love of visual stimuli and antiquity, taught himself to write cuneiform signs from several different systems (see here the "signlist" section). Recently Sheshki has been reviewing hundreds of CDLI entries while looking for royal inscriptions for the "notes on kings" section - and fortunately, about that time he also happened upon a portion of clay recently dug out of a well - needlessly to say, the stage was set for the first readable cuneiform tablets produced outside the Academia or the e-dub-a of old (that I've ever seen!). Thanks for your engaging contributions Sheshki! And here hoping many fun things to follow:

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Dedicated to my friend Bill





Dedicated to my friend Lee, from Nyack

d inanna


Dedicated to Inanna

Inanna be praised!

d inanna


Selfdesigned cylinderseal

Inanna be praised!

clayball with several signs

A clayball with many different signs.Here you see

d nin-gish...


...not every sign makes sense on this piece

lu2 shesh-ki

lugal kish

lugal uri5 ki

lugal adab ki

lugal kal-ga

dumu e3-bi

After looking through many hundreds of royal inscriptions i decided to create my own royal inscription. It says

Sheshki, Lugal of Kish, Lugal of Ur,

Lugal of Adab, strong Lugal, Son of Ebi (nickname of my daddy)

(there are surely errors in it, i wrote for example kalam-ga instead of kal-ga, but i was able to fix it...see next page)


A first try of a clay cylinder seal


1. d nin-hur-sag
2. nin-a-ni
3. szul-gi
4. nita kal-ga
5. lugal uri5{ki}-ma
6. lugal ki-en-gi ki-uri-ke4
7. gesz kesz2-ra2
8. ki ag2-ni
9. mu-na-du3

here i tried to create a replica of an inscription of Shulgi


1.d nun-gal-e-ne

2.dirig-ba ki-sikil dinana

3.za3-mi2-zu mah-am3

4.kug dereš-ki-gal-la-ke4

5. za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3

i wrote two lines i found at ETCSL:

Because you are unmatched among the Great Princes, maiden Inana, praising you is magnificent! (Link)

Holy Ereshkigal, sweet is your praise! (Link)


kur gul-gul an-da me ba-
nin-gu10 hi-li gu2 e3 dinana za3-mi2


dinana nam-ur-saj ga-am3-dug4 za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3


den-ki za3-mi2

Praise be to the destroyer of foreign lands, endowed with divine powers by An, to my lady enveloped in beauty, to Inana!

Inana, I will speak of your heroism. It is pleasant to praise you!

Enki be praised!

dinana-ke4 cag4 gig-ga-ju10 i3 he2-eb-de2
May Inanna pure oil on my heart that aches.
The 110 signs from D.C.Snells book "workbook of cuneiform signs" some more

Inspired by an inscription of Entemena

Size is 220 mm x 155 mm


Inscription by Amar-Suen

cdli link

Gudea, Ensi of Lagash

An odd coloured inscription of Shu-Suen

cdli link


Holy Ereshkigala - sweet is your praise.

from Inana´s descent to the nether world

cdli link


Incantation against snake bites

cdli link


Inscription by Urukagina

cdli link

bottomside of a claybowl
test tablets with different kinds of clay i found, white and yellow clay was way too soft for tabletmaking
clay art
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