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Yale University

Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations - [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Benjamin R. Foster (Curator of the Yale Babylonian Collection) -
William W. Hallo ( Emeritus Professor)

Associated Collection: The Yale Babylonian Collection, consisting of six groups 1. (YBC) Yale Babylanian Collection, 2. (NBC) Nies Babylonian Collection 3. (MLC) Morgan Library Collection 4. Goucher College Collection (GCC) 5. (NCBT/NCBS) Newell Collections of Babylonian Tablets and of Babylonian Seals 6. (RBC) Rosen Babylonian Collection. CDLI: With the exception of GCC, all of the above abbreviations will load cdli entries when entered into the "Museum Number" field. Publications: BIN - Babylonian Inscriptions in the Collection of James B. Nies, BRM - Babylonian Records in the Library of J. Pierpont Morgan, YOS/YOSBT - Yale Oriental Series, YOSR - Yale Oriental Series, Researches, TBC - Texts from the Babylonian Collection, GCCI - Goucher College Cuneiform Inscriptions, YNER - Yale Near Eastern Researches

Pennsylvania University

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations - [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Grant Frame (Associate Professor of Assyriology in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations) -
Stephen J. Tinney (Clark Research Associate Professor of Assyriology; Associate Curator, Babylonian Section, University Museum (Sumerian language and literature) -
Åke W. Sjøberg (Emeritus Clark Research Professor of Assyriology; Emeritus Curator, Tablet Collection, University Museum
Note: The ePSD an effort begun by Åke W. Sjøberg, is currently being directed by Stepen J. Tinney, and is housed in the Babylonian section of Penn Museum.
A History:

Associated Collection: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Babylonian section CDLI: "University of Pennsylvania" in the Collection field, museum siglum "CBS" Publications:

University of Chicago

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations - [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: Walter Farber , Professor of Assyriology -
Robert D. Biggs, Emeritus Professor of Assyriology
Miguel Civil , Emeritus Professor of Sumerology
Note: Houses Abzu, JNES

Associated Collection: The Oriental Institute, tablet collection
CDLI: Enter "Oriental Institute" in the Collection field. Publications:

Cornell University

Department of Near Eastern Studies -[Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -David I. Owen - Bernard and Jane Schapiro Professor of Ancient Near Eastern and Judaic Studies,
Alhena Gadotti
- Postdoctoral Associate Akkadian,
Lance Allred - Postdoctoral Associate Akkadian,

Associated Collection: Cornell University Kroch Library
l CDLI: Enter "Cornell" into the Collection field Publications: See above link "Bibliography"
Note: Cornell has also recieved a further contribution with the recent aquistion of the Rosen collection

University of Michigan

Department of Near Eastern Studies -[Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Piotr Michalowski - George G. Cameron Professor of ancient Near Eastern languages and civilizations

Associated Collection: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
CDLI: Enter "Kelsey Museum" into the Collection field, museum siglum "KM"
Publications: MVN 09, 160, Snell, Daniel C., 1979; MVN 15, 206, Owen, David I., 1991; AfO 27, 176, Stolper, Matthew W., 1988

University of California, Berkeley

Department of Near Eastern Studies, [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Niek Veldhuis - Associate Professor of Assyriology,
Wolfgang J. Heimpel (Emeritus), Professor of Mesopotamian and Sumerian cultures.
Note: Hosts the Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical texts (DCCLT)

University of California, (Los Angeles)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Robert K. Englund - Professor of Assyriology & Sumerology
Note: Hosts the Cuneiform Digital Library Project (CDLI)

Associated Collection: Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
CDLI: Enter "Berkeley" inter the Collection field, museum siglum "HMA"
Publications: Refer to the above link

Johns Hopkins University

Department of Near Eastern Studies [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Jerrold S. Cooper - W. W. Spence Professor in Semitic Languages
Note: Hosts the Digital Hammurabi Project,

Associated Collection: The Johns Hopkins University Archaeological Collection
CDLI: Enter "Hopkins" in the Collection field, museum siglum "JHU"
Publications: MVN 15, 168, Owen, David I., 1991, also Fs Pettinato 215, JHT 102/103&104, Neumann, Hans, 2004


(no associated collections found)

Brandeis University

Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies [Sumerian]
Faculty Ive heard of/read: -Tzvi Abusch, Ph.D - Assyriology, Religion, Hebrew Bible, Magic and Mythology of the Ancient Near East
Note: The very rare course in Mesopotamian Magic is taught here, NEJS 122a

Ohio State

University: Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, [Akkadian]



(associated Departments not yet identified)

The Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare book Collections

( originally "The John Frederick Lewis Collection")
CDLI: Enter "Free Library of Philadelphia" in the Collection Field, museum siglum "FLP"
Publications: 1975 The John Frederick Lewis Collection Texts from the Third Millennium in the Free Library of Philadelphia (Materiali per il Vocabolario Neosumerico, Vol. 3). Rome: Unione Accademica Nazionale - Multigrafica Editrice. Pp. 33 + cvi plates (copies) + 19 plates (photos). 2. 1994 The John Frederick Lewis Collection, Vol. 2 (Materiali per il vocabolario neosumerico, Vol. 13) (with Marcel Sigrist and Gordon D. Young). Roma: Unione Academica Nazionale - Multigrafica Editrice, 1984.
Transliterations via [site down]

Princeton Theological Seminary, Special Collections

CDLI: Enter "Princeton theological Seminary" in the Collection field museum siglum "PTS"
Publications: Sigrist, Marcel. Tablettes du Princeton Theological Seminary: Époque d'Ur III. Philadelphia: Occasional Publications of the Samuel Noah Kramer Fund, 10, 1990.

Siegfred H. Horn Museum [HAM]
CDLI: See above link or enter "Horn" into the collection list, Museum Siglum AUAM

University of Southern California, Archaeological Research Collection
CDLI: Enter "Southern California"into the Collection field, museum siglum "USC"
Publications: ?

Walters Art Museum
CDLI: Enter "Walters" in the collection field, museum siglum "WAM"
Publications: First Impressions 44-45, Collon, Dominique, 1987 [Cylinder Seals] The Fertile Crescent WAG Dorothy Kent, 1944 [Royal/Monumental]



Center for Ancient Studies (at New York University)

The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute