A Vertical Overview of Mesopotamian Cuneiform Magic

Incantation and ritual text corpus The Function of this section of enenuru.net is to provide an accounting of the different incantation and ritual text corpus that span(vertically) the Early Dynastic through Neo-Assyrian periods. Each period will be treated with a brief explanation and tablet index where available.
Maqlu Tablets The english translations of 9 of the Maqlu tablets are available here.These were translated from the German by Ross Sinclair as at the time no English was available. Still remaining is to cross reference with versions since made available in Abusch 2002
en2-e2-nu-ru explanation In this section is explained the word en2-e2-nu-ru, it's use and appearence in the cuneifrom incantation text. We deal a little with incipits and rubrics in the following.
Bibliography of Mesopotamian Magic The bibliography is a list of Assyriological works which apply themselves to the narrow study of the Mesopotamian ritual and incantation lore.
Anatomy of an Typ III Incantation text We take a close look at the structure, poetry and efficacy of a Marduk/Ea incantation, and provide a textual example with thanks to M.J. Geller.
Early Dynastic Incantations in English Here at last is our accounting of an affair with the most alluring and elusive incantations texts that are to be found - they have been there since this group began, silently taunting us and remaining just beyond our touch. In this section we will grasp them ever more decisively.
Sumerian Worldview The Sumerian world view is examined in here with focuses on cosmology, time and space, and magical thinking